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Symbiosis Curriculum
Symbiosis Education Curriculum

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Kostas Sgoutas
Loved the MVP and want to dig deeper and meet a cohort of people I can go through this journey with
Susan Burgess
I want to learn more about climate change and how I might leverage my skills to make a tangible difference to address it.
Kristen McGee
I am a driven, mid-career professional who is interested in pivoting to the climate sector. In participating in this program, I hope for 2 key outcomes: to learn how to efficiently pivot to sustainability and to actively develop my climate knowledge. I relish in the ability to grow business sustainably and have made it my mission to show (through action) that Sustainability and Profit are not at odds. Green is good for business and debunking any lingering myths is an important goal of mine. I am looking to move to a company with a clearer message and mission, one proud to be a part of the Green revolution. This course offers the chance to learn how to do just this.
Jonathan Pearson
Strategy 4ward has identified climate change and environmental issues a core growth area. We are now investing in professional development to help us expand our market into this space.
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Nicole Coddington
I'm eager to leverage my expertise as a design leader and practitioner to contribute towards environmental conservation efforts.
Lisandra West-Odell
I’m interested in a career transition from health teach into something more related to the climate, with a particular interest in biology (e.g. bioremediation, molecular ecology, conservation biology)
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Brian Crawford
I hope to gain more clarity and focus on my career trajectory. I’ve had many extraordinary experiences, but they often felt like distant oases in an otherwise expansive desert of hope and desperation that another one will soon appear on the horizon. I'm unsure if this outlook stems from my ability to see the potential in so many things happening around me, that I struggle to actualize myself within a single trajectory. I need help in seeing my story in where I have the power to make a difference, a place where I belong. I am in the midst of a career transition where I’m trying to bring my past experiences forward with my new aspirations. I am committed to being in service of helping society face the climate crisis and be better and more interconnected/resilient for having done so. I am 48 and three years out of graduate school with a master's in Anthropology. I have learned in my current career search that it is paramount to know where it is I belong in helping face these coming days of the climate crisis. Although I may struggle to recognize it within myself, I possess a valuable set of skills and experiences. I need assistance in understanding how they can contribute to solving a particle set of pressing problems. I believe this course will provide a comprehensive overview, as much as one can in 10-weeks, of the landscape of the climate crisis, helping me understand my past contributions and where I envision myself moving forward. I appreciate the emphasis on career deliverables in adaptation, mitigation, and regeneration. I am also looking forward to the career management section where I develop a value proposition that will serve as a guiding star during times of uncertainty. Additionally, after speaking with Marcus Castain, I feel drawn to his understanding of some of the struggles I've encountered on my career journey.
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Carrie Norton
To help more people learn about the climate crisis and opportunities to build a regenerative economy.
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Craig Lundsten
Always interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge. Hoping to learn more about opportunities to confront the crisis of our generation (and generations to come).
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Holly Stein
Learning about and discussing climate issues with peers
Afshin Masoudrad
We have our one and only Earth and its climate, and seems like for close to a century we have been restlessly doing things that have been adversely affecting the climate - the very environment we live in. Only that the climate seems to be forgiving only so much, and it has started to adversely affect ourselves, and if we don’t change course and don’t start to behave more climate-friendly, we might not be able to deal with the consequences. I am hoping to become more climate literate, aware, and take a small step towards that through some mini exercises in major areas related to this.

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