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Symbiosis Curriculum
Career Search

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Go to Market

Go to Market Plan
In several sentences, please summarize your prioritized top 5 choices (industry vertical, job function and role, geography, compensation, and company culture):
Who will support you in your search?
This could include mentors, a career coach, former colleagues, friends, and family. How will each person in your team provide you support?
How will you continue to grow your skills and knowledge to better align your skills with the needs of the market?
What skills do you need to strengthen? Will you take courses? Read books and articles? Listen to podcasts?
How will you build brand awareness for your brand?
How will people learn about you? Will you use social media? Email outreach? Events? Do you have Connectors who can be helpful? Can you publish or produce articles or other media? What groups do you belong to (or can join) that can expose you to more people?
Your Action Plan
What is your action plan? What key milestones will you set for yourself? What frequency will you do tasks?
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