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A LAMP List is a beginning of your company job description. Start out with 40 companies. Check out chapter 2 of to learn the process. You can also watch his on the topic. In a nutshell, you are going to list out 40 organizations that you might be interested in working for. You do not need to know much about these companies at this point (and we don’t want you to spend a lot of time doing research on them at this point). You will list these companies in the following columns and then sort them by Motivation. Please use the following scale:
List - Names of companies or other organizations that could be of interest as potential employers.
Alumni - do they have any alumni from your universities or previous employers (or anyone in your network). Score this Yes/No.
Motivation - What is your motivation from a high of 5 (your dream employer) to a 1 (unknown). You will constantly be sorting your LAMP list based on your motivation for each employer. You own motivation should reflect your enthusiasm for the company and be consistent with your Top 5 choices.
Postings - Is your company hiring? Score them 1 (no job postings on job boards), 2 (postings but not in your job function), or 3 (hiring in your job function).
Symbiosis Education AI (powered by GPT) can help you to start your LAMP list by looking at your Top 5 choices and your LinkedIn profile.
Download this . Continue to sort this column by the Motivation column so that you are always focusing on the companies you are most interested in.
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