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Symbiosis Curriculum
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Sectoral Analysis

How do you define your focus sector? Although you may prioritize other criteria in your top 5, employers will expect you to know the industry/sector in your interview.
How I define my Industry/Sector/Vertical. You may wish to start with the HolonIQ’s to help you define your industry.
My Sectoral Analysis
My Sectoral Definition
Consider your industry. A good starting point could be the HolonIQ Cleantech List.
Market Structure
What is the structure of your market? Are the main industry players similar or are they organized into another structure, such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers? How is the ecosystem organized? Who captures most of the value in the industry?
Market Size and Growth
How large is this market (by revenue/by number of firms/by number of employees)? How many firms are there in your market? Is this market growing or shrinking? What are the drivers of growth?
Labor Market Size
What is employment in the industry? Are the number of employees growing or shrinking? How many professionals is your market hiring in similar areas to yours?
Job Functions
What are the major job functions for your market?
What is the compensation range for your target position? Benefits?
Market Trends
What trends/technological/government regulation are impacting your market? What do you need to know more about?
Geographical Issues
If your market based in a particular area(s)? Are the employers in your market distributed regionally or concentrated in one place?
News and Thought Leadership
Who are the key thought leaders in this market? What do professionals in this sector read, listen to, and watch? Are there books that everyone has read?
Major Players
Who are the major players in your market? List them in a spreadsheet with columns for relevant information including size, products, funding, location, etc.
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