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Value Proposition

Getting Your Value Proposition Right is Essential

We recommend using an applied marketing approach to career management. Think of yourself as a brand. How will you build your brand awareness and articulate a value proposition to your target audience?
A value proposition is the intersection of your skills, experiences, passions, and values with what your target employer(s) need. There is an art to crafting a thoughtful value proposition.
It begins with identifying your target employer(s). What are they looking for in a new employee in your role? (Hint: They usually articulate this clearly in the job description!)
Your value proposition is is tailored to your audience and is not a verbatim speech. It should invite further conversation. Some formulas include:
There are three things to know about me… ​
Industry, hard skill, soft skill ​
The overarching drive in my life has been… ​
From the time I was a child I have been fascinated by… ​
I grew up [in this environment] which really shaped my life’s purpose to focus on [particular problem]…
My Value Proposition
Target Employer Segment
Employer Needs
Value Proposition
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